New Jedi Order Era timeline

by Modi


Timeline based on the novel references: (Yeah, and it's factual and it's without any mistakes)

[DW] means that the source for the date is in Destiny's Way

Vector Prime
Onslaught starts 2 months after VP [O]
Onslaught ends 3 months after VP [O]
Ruin ends 4 months after VP?
AOC1 starts 6 months after VP [AOC1]
AOC1 ends 7 months after VP [BP]
AOC2 starts 8 months after VP [AOC2]
BP starts 10 months after VP [BP]
Rebirth ends 19 months after VP [R]
Star by Star ends 23 months after VP [SBS]
EL1 and DJ starts immediately after that [EL1]
DJ ends 24 months after VP [EL1]
EL1 ends 25 months after VP [EL1]
EL2 takes place 25 or 26 months after VP [EL2]

Destiny's Way starts (Chapters 1-21) [DW]
Ylesia is set 3 months after DW's beginning [DW]
Destiny's Way continous 3 months after it begins (Vergere destroys the Alpha Red) [DW]
DW ends 4 months after it begins (Battle of Ebaq) [TUF]

Reunion starts 3 months before the beginning of TUF [TUF]
Reunion ends 2 months before the beginning of TUF [TUF]
The Final Prophecy is set 1 month before the beginning of TUF [TUF]
The Unifying Force starts [TUF]
TUf: The Battle of Coruscant 1 month after TUF's beginning [TUF]
TUF ends: Zonama Sekot goes back to the UR 3 months after TUF's beginning [TUF]


If we accept that the hardcovers are set one year from each other (which is as I know the official understanding and The Unifying Force strongly suggests this) then we get the following timeline based on the novel references:
(This timeline conjectural: that starting points of the hardcovers, Ben's birthdate and the dates that are based on these things are conjectures)

25:1 means 25 ABY (60 Resync) Month 1

24:5 A Practical Man - bar scene

25:1 A Practical Man - scene on Mandalore
25:3 Vector Prime
25:5 Onslaught starts
25:6 Onslaught ends
25:7 Ruin
25:9 Hero's Trial starts
25:10 Hero's Trial ends
25:11 Jedi Eclipse starts

26:1 Balance Point starts
26:7 Rebirth ends (based on the LOTF timeline)
26:10 Rebirth ends (if Ben was concieved in BP)

27:2 Star by Star ends (if Ben was concieved in BP)
27:3 Dark Journey ends (if Ben was concieved in BP)
27:4 Rebel Dream ends(if Ben was concieved in BP)
27:5 Rebel Stand (if Ben was concieved in BP)

28:1 Destiny's Way starts (The first 21 chapters)
28:4 Ylesia, Destiny's Way (from chapter 22)
28:5 Destiny's Way ends, Remnant prologue
28:8 Remnant
28:9 Refugee
28:10 Reunion starts
28:11 Reunion ends
28:12 The Final Prophecy

29:1 The Unifying Force begins
29:2 The Unifying Force part 3 ends
29:4 The Unifying Force ends


Timeline given by The New Essential Chronology:
(which condricts the timeline given by the novels in every point)

AOC1 starts 4 months after the end of Ruin
BP starts 4 months after the end of AOC2

25 ABY - VP
25.2 - Onslaught
25.3 - Ruin
25.5 - AOC1
25.7 - AOC2
26 - BP
26.5 - Rebirth
27 - SbS
27.2 - Dark Journey
27.2 - Rebel Dream
27.5 - Rebel Stand
28 - DW
28.2 - Remnant
28.7 - Reunion
28.8 - Final Prophecy
29 - TUF

This would look something like this on a 12-month calendar:

Onslaught: 2 months after VP
Ruin: 3 months after VP
AOC1: 6 months after VP
AOC2: 8 months after VP
BP: 12 months after VP
Rebirth: 18 months after VP (only 6 months for pregnency instead of 9 in this case...)
Star by Star: 24 months after VP
Dark Journey, Rebel Dream: 26 months after VP
Rebel Stand: 30 months after VP
Destiny's Way: 36 months after VP
Remnant: 38 months after VP
Reunion: 44 months after VP
Final Prophecy: 46 months after VP
TUF: 48 months after VP





...Nas Choka captured a swath of worlds lying in the northern invasion corridor over the next four months...

Balance Point:
Over the following four months, more critical planets fell...


At the beginning of the book:

Glancing back over her shoulder, she saw Danni Quee, the young woman who barely two months ago had survived an attack and capture by an aggressive alien group that had assaulted several worlds on the galaxy's Outer Rim.

At the middle of the book:

Just over two months had passed since Yomin Carr had destroyed the ExGal facility here,...

In the week they'd been on the planet (Dantooine), he'd been relying less and less on the Force,...

At the end of the book:

Rogue Squadron has lost two-thirds of the pilots it had two months ago.

It was hard to believe a month had passed since he had left for Dantooine with Mara.



Near the end of the book:

"You are fortunate, Lian, for I will not let you disgrace yourself. You shall accomplish that which is the will of the gods." Shedao Shai folded his arms across his chest. "You will plan for me an assault on Ithor to commence a month from now.

Agents of Chaos 1:

At the beginning of the book:

Chewbacca had died six standard months earlier,...

Agents of Chaos 2:

At the beginning of the book:

She had had trouble with him during the Rhommamoolian crisis eight months earlier,...

Jacen glanced at his twin sister, who was on temporary leave from the squadron she had joined only four months earlier.

Balance Point

At the beginning of the book:

The situation was hauntingly similar to Sernpidal's last hours, almost ten months ago.

For three months, she'd been in remission. The tears of an alien creature, Vergere - briefly in custody, with a Yuuzhan Vong agent - had restored her strength.

Two months ago, the New Republic had called him and his brother Anakin to Centerpoint Station,...

Fondor had resisted one of his supreme commanders, Nas Choka, less than a klekket ago - two months by the infidels' calendar.

"But Mara's in her final month," Luke said. "If it took eight months
for the toxins to build up...

Star by Star

At the end of the book:
"The baby's only four months old."

Enemy Lines 1:

Day 1:
"...during the Yuuzhan Vong attack on Coruscant mere days earlier"
"...Viqi Shesh, had almost managed to kidnap his and Mara's infant son, Ben, just days ago."

Day 5:
"A few days ago, it defended Coruscant against the Yuuzhan Vong."

Day 49: (The last day of the book)

Enemy Lines 2:

At the middle of the book::
"Han, Leia, when you were making the insertion into Hapes a few weeks ago..."

At the end of the book:
"In the weeks since he'd left..."


"Three months later..." (The prologue takes place 3 months before the book)

Destiny's Way:

Chapter 9: (Jacen and Vergere arrives to Mon Calamari)

Chapter 17: (Cal Omas is elected in this chapter)
"I'm going to send you on a furlough to Mon Calamari, for two weeks . . ."

Chapter 19:
"Four days into his term of office, Cal Omas summoned Admiral Ackbar and Winter to the former resort hotel..."
Ackbar's response was swift. "Three months," he said. "Three months of continuous low-level engagement with the enemy should give us a battle-tested force able to hold their own against the Yuuzhan Vong." (He refers to the Battle of Ebaq)

Chapter 21: (Jaina's two weeks long holiday ends here)
In the nearly three months since her visit to Mon Calamari, months filled with raids and skirmishes and alarms, she hadn't lost a single pilot.

"How long have you known about this?" he asked. "Since I was sworn in," Cal said. "Almost three months."

Jaina hadn't felt the enemy in the Force since the fleet had raided Ylesia, a few weeks before.

His vacation on Mon Calamari had lasted three weeks (This means that Jacen and Vergere arrived on Mon Calamari a week before Cal Omas' election. )

The Unifying Fprce

"A month or so before Ebaq," Kyp added, "Vergere stole the sample batch of Alpha Red and destroyed it, or somehow transformed it into something harmless."

At the beginning of the book:
"Kenth, any communication from Luke?" Leia asked with some urgency. "Nothing." Leia frowned. "It's been more than two months now." Kenth nodded.

Two months earlier a desperate battle had been fought at Esfandia...

Whereas Luke and Mara had been on Zonama Sekot for almost three months, Corran had arrived only three weeks earlier, in the company of Tahiri Veila and three Yuuzhan Vong agents.

At the end of the book:
Seven weeks had passed since the surrender.

There are numerous references in The Unifying Force regarding the book's internal timeline, (but I won't list them here because it would drive me mad.) They give that the Battle of Coruscant occurs on Day 28 of the book.